EAA Chapter 34 Bylaws

20190608 EAA Chapter 34 Inc Bylaws.pdf


Our History:

EAA Chapter 34 was the first EAA chapter established in North Texas and has been serving all those infected with the Spirit of Aviation since before 1957.  We're an education based 501(c)3 who works with a servants heart to educate and support those interested in preserving our freedoms necessary to sustain your rights to design, build and fly both Experimental and Certified aircraft in the United States.  Furthermore, we've been actively engaged in introducing both the young (8 to 17 yrs) and old (18+) to the thrill of their first flight, all free of charge.  In fact, EAA 34 has flown over 2,800 youth in the EAA Young Eagles program over the years.  In addition, our members have the diverse skills necessary to teach all comers how to select and build their experimental aircraft.  Today, thanks to our EAA National parent organization, we're funding several young deserving individuals in their quest to earn their Private Pilots Certification via the James Ray Scholarship fund.  One of our current top priorities is to increase the number of scholarships we grant in support of serving youth who have a serious desire to engage with our EAA organization and achieve their pilots and/or mechanics certifications.

ALL ABOUT THE EDUCATION AND FUN - Our chapter is comprised of some of the most energetic, fun, skilled and diverse individuals in the country who are brought together by our common interested in aviation and the STEM related technologies which surround it.  Chapter leadership strives to provide as much value as possible to our chapter members and the local community by conducting both educational and entertaining events, such as:

EAA 34 Monthly Chapter Meetings (2nd Tue of the month - Arlington Airport Main Terminal Bldg)  Always an interesting presentation

FAA FAAST Safety Seminars - Come listen and learn from some of the most talented and knowledgeable speakers in the industry about how to become a safer and more competent pilot

Build & Skills Sessions - Want to learn more about how to build and/or maintain aircraft air-frames and engines?  Come join us at one of our hands-on skills workshops

Young Eagles Events (First flight ages 8 to 17)  We usually fly ~50 youth at each of our 2 events per yr.  Everyone has fun and learns at these events

Eagles Flights & Flying Start Events (Introduction to flight ages 18+) If you're serious about getting your pilots license, this is the event for you

Movie Night - Come join us in our hangar where several times a year we gather to watch an aviation oriented feature.  Drinks, snacks and good company provided.