EAA 34 Chapter Camping

Chapter Camping at Airventure.

EAA Chapter 34 is going to have chapter camping at Airventure 2024. Camp Scholler is adjacent to the Airshow within walking distance to the show.

Chapter camping is a benefit EAA provides to encourage us to camp together and enjoy AirVenture as a chapter.  Most importantly, it provides us with reserved spots in Camp Scholler - they will stake out good sites for us ahead of time, before the land rush. 

The EAA national rules now require that the applicants submitted be EAA and chapter members as well. There is one other rule change. This is the first year that EAA is assigning sites based on date paid. First paid, first served so the faster we submit our application the the better our chance at a great location. The applications open up on March 1st, so the sooner you submit payment the better.

We can secure up to 6 sites together in our camping area. First 6 members who apply  will receive a paypal link. We will need payment completed by 1 June  Each site is $335 (324 plus a paypal fee). Donations toward a site are welcome.  A site can hold a couple of medium tents and a vehicle OR one camping trailer and one tow vehicle. Motorhomes are welcome as well.

If interested, please send the following information to: airventure24@eaa34.org.




Phone #

Type of Rig. (tent, camping trailer, motorhome etc.

Number of people on your site.

For additional information, Check out the EAA site on Chapter Camping at Oshkosh here:

Chapter Camping at AirVenture | EAA 

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